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The Royal Ballet is one of a handful of world class companies with a repertoire and back-catalogue of productions to die for. That's not to mention their nearly 90 dancers - which gives them strength in depth - and principals and guest principals who are amongst the finest you will see anywhere. What the Royal has, which few other companies at this level can compete with, is a naturalness in the classical and dramatic repertoire that brings their productions to life like few others.

After a bruising time being run by outsider Ross Stretton the company has regained its poise in Monica Mason's safe hands. Mason, who took over in December 2002, has been life-long in the company, understands its heritage of classics and works by Frederick Ashton and Kenneth MacMillan and is much respected both within and without the company. New work remains a challenge in a company with so much history though, and the hoped for use of the smaller Covent Garden stages by RB has sadly not happened to any meaningful degree. Hopefully this will change asMason's vision unfolds further.

Everybody in the land should see the Royal Ballet at least once or twice, but it's not especially easy since these days they don't tour in the UK or at the music theatres and regrettably have no plans to do so. Worse, ticket prices steadily rise, particularly for the well known classics. But that's the cost of supporting a company with such a diverse repertoire and access to so many good dancers.

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